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Traffic to your website is flowing freely, but are you converting that interest into actual sales? We at EMW could show you how to increase your online sales, turning web visitors into customers.

Many websites rank highly in search engines and get lots of traffic but achieve low conversion rates when it comes to selling online. There are many potential reasons for this, from pricing and product to navigation and security. You could have two websites with the same products at exactly the same price but they would get different amounts of business because of issues such as ease of use and trust.


Improve your website usability

To encourage site visitors to purchase from your website it needs to be very well laid-out, clean and clear. Navigation is absolutely imperative. If people find your website awkward and cumbersome and can’t find what they want, they will go and find it elsewhere and they won’t come back. You need to make sure your website design understands this from the start.

User-friendliness is important. You have to keep everything simple, professional and consistent. You can’t afford to make spelling errors, for instance. It’s also important to keep things as intuitive as possible. You must use obvious section names and remind the user where they are in the site. Use a strong call to action to get them to buy.

You need to minimise the number of clicks from landing on the home page to reaching the desired goal. The whole purchasing process has to be as quick as possible. That means not forcing users to open an account in order to buy something and not having to input lots of unnecessary information.


Build trust with website visitors

It’s much easier to build trust than have to rebuild it. It is important to get all the elements right from the off. However, some small businesses have had an online presence for over ten years and may not be getting it quite right. There’s no reason why you can’t do something about it now; contact us to know about what changes you can make to your website to increase online sales.


Think about your target market

Think about your target market. You should always remember who you are selling to. If it’s a younger market, then they are likely to be web-savvy. But if it’s an older group, you have to do everything to make people feel safe. Tailor content to the user.


Focus on Social Media

It’s a lot cheaper to run a social media promotion than it is to invest in offline media. Even a Google Adwords campaign can add up, and social media posts cost only a little bit of your time to pull off. Plus, you can hear the reaction from potential customers in real-time, which can help you tweak it in strategic ways to increase response.

At the same time, you need to track and analyse your website and those of your competitors. Ask customers for feedback, run user surveys, build a database and contact them with relevant information, not spam. Try to establish an on-going process that enables you to find out what your customers like and dislike. We could help you do all these.

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